Building Your Own Fire: A Self-Determined Lesson

Let’s NOT tell you what to expect from this post. Instead, I’m inviting you to observe and discover how you might translate each step below into a self-expressed lesson – a lesson or two you might apply to sparking and igniting business/life outcomes.

When humans acquired fire-making, we gained a certain amount of power over the elements.  Today we have fire-making devices at our fingertips. From matches to lighters our options for harnessing fire /heat are many and varied. But even so, if one becomes stranded in the wilderness without matches or lighters, the ability for fire-making can determine a life or death outcome. It is often wise to know how to utilize the less-conventional options one has that are uncommon or underutilized.

  1. Acquire or Rediscover Unconventional Tools:
    In this case, I’m going to use a bar of magnesium and a tiny metal saw.
    I pick such items because, while I don’t use them very often, I have them in my arsenal of options.
    Also, they have a very, very, very long shelf life (unlike lighters) AND they are water resistant (unlike matches). Learn how to how to make fire with a magnesium stick here.
    THINK: What obtainable yet uncommon tools do I have access to within myself or my network? How can I use these to ignite a spark a flame in my work? Also, see 7 unconventional fire-starting methods via Off The Grid News.
  2. Gather and Prep Ample and Appropriate (dry and flammable) Combustible Matter:
    Way before you need it gather the fuel for the flame you intend to ignite.
    THINK: What fuel will I need to gather now before I begin making sparks? From small combustible tinder to kindling to bigger pieces of fire-making material, what will I need and how much of each? Also, see what constitutes as good tinder and kindling via Practical Survivor.
  3. Prepare Space for your Fire:
    Space allows for and breeds our most creative and innovative ideas and efforts.
    Space also supports a flame so that it can become a friend and a catalyst versus becoming a harmful element.
    THINK: What sort of space can I create for the flame to grow and serve me versus becoming an enemy to myself or others?
  4. Work! Create a “Spark-Bed”:
    Utilize your tools, create a spark-bed or a place where your fire-making skills meet the tinder
    (not the social media platform but a combustible material which can ignite with a small spark).
    THINK: How much time and effort do I need to exert in order to shave off the right amount of spark-making material with the right amount of combustible material? How much tinder do I need to combust when my spark hits? What is my spark-making ability?
  5. Work Some More, Make Sparks:
    Utilize your tools to make sparks.
    THINK: How do I make sparks? How can I ignite my combustibles?
  6. Breathe Life:
    Put your aspirations (BTW breathe and aspire come from the same root word) into the flame-making process.
    Nurture the sparks to grow into viable flames.
    THINK: How can I breathe life into my efforts and grow a small flame?
  7. Add Fuel:
    Continue to add fuel to the small flames very slowly, appropriately and paced.
    Nurture your spark into a larger fire.
    THINK: How and when can I add fuel to nurture my spark into a flame, and then into a fire?
  8. Let the Fire do Magic:
    Let the fire burn and serve its purpose in a safe and wise manner.
    THINK: How will I know when the fire has delivered the impact I intended? What are the results I need? How can I use the fire to get the results I want? What are the other results the fire is affording me? How can I safely control the fire? Will it be wise to douse the fire? When and how should I douse?
  9. Share:
    What have you allowed yourself to learn or observe?
    THINK: What can I apply from this “lesson?” How will I apply it? When will I do that?

As it is with fire-making in terms of survival, so it can be with sparking and igniting the results one wants in terms of business/entrepreneurial/personal ventures. I would love to know if anything shared in this post has been useful so please do share.

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