Business Beyond Survival


This article was originally published SEPTEMBER 2016, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

Business Beyond Survival – Want to have a coaching practice that thrives versus one that simply survives? If so, you’ll need to step out of “coaching” mode for a moment and start working on the mechanics of the business. 
While there are hundreds of tips and tools one can use to have a strong and healthy practice, here are seven that I’ve found to be practical and productive:

Define your business.
First, begin by defining what a successful practice is. What does a “thriving coaching business” look like and feel like to you? Define this and visit it often. 

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Know your backstory. You’ve probably heard Simon Sinek call this knowing your “why,” but it goes deeper than that. Knowing your backstory includes: How did you arrive at becoming a coach? Why are you a coach? What do you stand for as a coach? Borrowing from a client who truly understands this concept, let me share the first of three blogs he’s posted on the subject: Tell Your Story To Stand Out Part 1 – Shawn’s Movement World

Know how to write sales copy. This is an invaluable skill. Here’s a great place to begin learning more: 7 tricks to writing copy that brings in business –

Understand your business model. Notice I didn’t say business plan. A business model is one of the most practical tools that I share with my clients. Visually, intellectually and practically know what your business looks like. Once you understand the aspects of your model, every business move you make will make more sense. Even reading your profit and loss reports. The Business Model Canvas – Strategyzer.comshow your work austin kleon

Show your work! If you don’t know what this means, get the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

Use the market. Use the market to tell you how to start-up or how to innovate and grow your practice when it needs a reinvention. Here is my all-time favorite course. It’ll guides you toward bigger and better things. Plus, it’s free. How to Build a Startup –

Find a community. Imagine having a troop of invincible robots marching up and down the systems of your business, working for you, saving you time, money and headaches. The community and classes found at Invincible Startup might be just what you’re looking for. This is a great place to visit as you work on building systems and operations that support you, your business model, and growth.