Diversify Yourself – Three Ideas to Try


This article was originally published JANUARY 2017, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

As Coaches, how well do we appreciate and value differences? I found this article to be a quick and fun read on the topic. It offers a few ideas of how to “up” one’s diversity game. I hope you find the Coaching Questions and Diversity Check-List useful:

 Check out  Coaching  Cultural  Awareness  checklist.Diversify Yourself 1

Probably one of the best things a Leader can do to make their business a success is to diversify how they lead. I like to challenge Leaders to diversify WHO gets to speak up, speak out and lead within certain aspects of their businesses. To this end, let’s point you toward Inc. Magazine’s list of 8 Things Exceptional Bosses Constantly Tell Their Employees to see why I issue such challenges:

Read  this  article  on  Inc. Diversify Yourself 2

Here’s a coaching challenge I’d love to extend you: Many of us are passionate about the work we do. Fewer of us are as passionate about the topic of Law and Ethics. Sometimes this leaves coaches living in an “Echo Chamber” of knowledge reading only what is of interest. So the challenge is to diversify what you learn this year. Here’s a good place to brush-up regarding related Ethics and Law. In fact, this year’s Toolkit will include a tool, guide or strategy related to this very topic each month, so stay tuned!

Brush  up  on  ICF  Code  of  Ethics  Here.Diversify Yourself 3