Easy and Effective Marketing


This article was originally published OCTOBER 2015, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine. By Lyn Christian MCC, CFCC, CCMBIT COACH

There are three powerful lessons I’ve learned in the past year about how to engineer an easy and effective marketing strategy.

  • Understand social media and internet marketing.
    I can link being hired from connections made on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, these ARE NOT my main hubs for marketing. I rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing (person-to-person) for client acquisition. So, what’s the lesson I’ve learned? Stay updated on how effective each social media platform is and how to leverage them wisely. Here are two great places to become more informed:

  • Use word-of-mouth marketing.
    It’s still the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to get new clients and to maintain a strong bond with your “evangelists” (those who send potential clients directly to you). To assist you in learning the principles of this marketing strategy, here is a free excerpt from an interview I had with experts Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell. I would also highly recommend reading Monster Loyalty as well.

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Know where to place your focus and where not to.
I use a benefit/cost analysis formula to assist me in knowing where to put my time and energy. Above all, you should be spending most of your time and energy where the dollars are. Watch this video tutorial on how to utilize the formula for your own benefit.