From Fighter to Entrepreneur: A John McKean Story

John McKean of Combat Arts

John McKean started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1998 in New Orleans. Shortly after this he moved to train at Pedro Sauer’s school in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. By 2005 his desire to improve led him to train with Royler Gracie in Brazil. Again, his hunger to grow and improve pushed him to Pedro Sauer’s main academy in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had only been in Utah for a few months when his undaunted nature and work-ethic was noticed. He was one of handful of dedicated fighters who was welcomed into the early days of the Gym Jones project by Mark and Lisa Twight. This is where Lyn first met up with and began to respect John.

Over his fighting career, McKean acquired several medals and honors as he moved through competitions as a Blue Belt and moved all the way up to Black Belt competitions. His Pro MMA Record stands at: 4 -2. Today he has taken all that he has learned and translated that into his own gym which currently resides inside Church and State located in Salt Lake City.

We salute the business athlete and the undaunted entrepreneur that John is. As part of that salute we will be adding more excerpts from an interview between John and Lyn to this blog. We have curate several clips taken from this interview regarding John’s journey from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter to business-owner. In this first segment, they discuss the dynamics and bonding that occurs in places such as Gym Jones and Combat Arts, Strength and Conditioning.

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In this portion of Lyn’s interview with former MMA fighter John McKean, the two discuss John’s transition from fighter to entrepreneur. Some dreams take time to realize and John will talk to this point.

You’ll also get a chance to experience the depth and drive fueling his conviction. A conviction John has applied to every worthy goal of his life. In his words: “Every moment, every day offers a chance to be better. There’s always something you can do to keep getting better, even it that something is rest.”

You’ll even hear how John pushed through his “dark night of the soul” moments so that today, he can stand on the shoulders of a few great mentors and enjoy a new level of success.


How would you know if Combat Arts is the right gym for you? John McKean and Lyn discuss what you can expect from his training programs.