Ontological Coaching

Ontological CoachingThis article was originally published MARCH 2017, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”
— Notorious 

The rapper Nortoruous B.I.G. solidified himself as an important artist by unraveling publicly his raw, confessional lyrics. These lyrics exposed his life as a drug-dealer-turned-hip-hop superstar. Now, while you may NOT be a drug-dealer or a hip-hop superstar, you may have a mission to be your best self. And you may be coaching to support others to do the same.

To that end, this month’s toolkit examines two relatively new programs that support change in unexpected yet palpable ways. Each has been handpicked and vetted. I guarantee both can change your life as well as the lives of your clients. These programs are not just game-changers they are world-changers.

First, you are invited to engage in the neuro-chemistry of conversation compliments of C-IQ or Conversational Intelligence. C-IQ Founder, Judith E. Glaser says: “To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of our culture, which depends on the quality of our relationships, which depends on the quality of our conversations.” Learn more at ciqcoach.com OR purchase the book: Conversational Intelligence—How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results

Next, the Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) coach training courses are worth a moment of investigation. When my clients tune into the voice and messages of their inner wisdom, they believe what they are hearing. They can feel, hear and sense their personal truth and thereby craft wise and clear action steps. I facilitate at least two mBIT sessions with clients each week. These conversations are producing more generative and evolved clients. Check out the various mBIT coach training options at www.mbraining.com/become-an-mbit-coach. In addition, you may want to learn more about mBIT from coach Cameron Mackinnon OR check out the various mBIT coaching training options at mbraining.com Also, the book, mBraining—Using Your Multiple Brains to Do Cool Stuff, is a wonderful place to start learning about the dense information generated from this new field.

On a final and unrelated note, global conditions have inspired me to reconnect coaches to understanding and practicing ethical behaviors. This time I’m writing with a silly grin on my face and including some humor from The Office.