Be a BadAss – How to Become a Tea Expert

website photos.045Many people experience a pivotal point in their lives when they rally everything they have and head toward a glimmer of hope at the end of a dark and undetermined path. While they don’t know for certain what they’ll discover, they do know that the journey has their name written all over it. This process often feels groundless and they wonder when the wandering might clarify into a destination, and yet they continue almost as if navigating in the dark of night. They continue because there is a sense that when they get to where they’re going, they’ll find part of their destiny.

This is what ultimately happened when a coffee drinking Canadian got sick in Asia. Three little letters saved the day and started her on the path of rebooting her entire life. Those three letters? “T-E-A” as in the small, single cup handed her by a loving stranger. When the magic-like liquid starting changing the course of Raelene Gannon’s health it also shifted her mind toward the wonder world of Tea. She dove in completely and in many ways, she has found a huge part of her destiny.

I salute the visionaries, the re-inventors and anyone courageous enough to reboot their lives as Raelene has around passion and strengths. It takes a Bad Ass to undertake such a feat; and to see it through to the daylight at then end of a tunnel. So, on this note, I would like to introduce you to this entrepreneur:

Listen in while I interview Raelene Gannon, author of From Cup to Plate and founder of tea and all its splendour. This handout, Becoming an Expert (download Become An Expert here), can serve as a roadmap during this interview.

Watch CTV News Morning Show interview Raelene Gannon here!