The State of Your Professionalism


This article was originally published FEBRUARY 2016, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

Playing the role of devil’s advocate for a moment, I’d like to turn the theme of this edition of the WWC e-zine on its head a bit. Instead of discussing “The State of the Profession,” let’s turn the camera around for an inward perspective and focus on the professionals. That’s you, and that’s me. I suggest we ponder this:

What is the state of my own professionalism?

Let me be more specific and share a few ideas as we begin to process this line of inquiry.


What professional organizations support my work and support me? Which groups do I lean into?
This is a list of the top professional organizations that came up when I asked my peers these same questions (they aren’t in any particular order of importance):

  • The ICF—International Coach Federation
  • The WABC—World Association of Business Coaches
  • The IAC—International Association of Coaching


How do I stay on top of my niche? Am I a thought-leader or following one in my area of specialization?
Here are a few examples of thought-Leaders within our profession:

Executive Coaching—Marshall Goldsmith

Life Coaching/Personal Development—Anthony Robbins

“Mompreneur” Coaching—Lara Galloway


How are you managing your cash flow so the good times can roll even in the hardest of times?
Sharing what has been beneficial, here are some resources I’ve used to increase my financial fitness:

Boost Your Monthly Income—Here you’ll find helpful guides and learn the basics of becoming financially savvy.

Bradley Wealth—Michael Bradley is my personal wealth advisor. As a wealth management firm, they provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services.

In addition, if you don’t have a good accountant on your team, here are two directories that can help locate a licensed CPA who can support your financial goals.

  • CPA—The National Directory of Certified Public Accountants
  • com—Accountant and CPA Directory


Remember, coaching is a team sport. Maintaining balance as a professional coach (or any sort of professional) means creating a support structure that allows you to charge your center of gravity, the place that sparks action, with the measure of success. This is what adds stability and strength to our profession.