A Whole New Mind By Dan Pink

A Whole New Mind By Dan Pink

A Whole New Mind By Dan Pink

Daniel Pink had my attention with the title and content of his first book Free Agent Nation. By 1995 when he wrote A Whole New Mind, I became a fan of Pink’s fresh way of thinking. His solid research spills into this paradigm shifting book, which nine years later is an important read for free-agent thinkers and free-agent workers.

The concept of the book is based upon these notions:

Anyone who needs to earn a living today must discover how to shape their own skill-set and environment in unpredicted ways.

New patterns of behavior and thought are required today. We must include high-touch, high-concept threads into the way we work and the way we find meaning in what we do with our time and talent.

The wealth of nations, the well being of individuals now depends on us developing the aptitudes of: play, design, story, symphony, empathy, spiritualism and meaning.

I loved reading this book and if you decide to read it as well, keep in mind that the materials therein have been added upon since 1995. And yet, this book holds the foundation for perhaps understanding the newer and future layers.

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