Conversational Intelligence® Is Not About How Smart You Are But How Open You Are To Learning

Conversational Intelligence® is the key to success in life and business. 

Each of us possesses unique abilities that help us achieve success ranging from intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, and savvy street smarts. However, there is one type of intelligence that seems to be universal and has game-changing power. It is called Conversational Intelligence® and everyone possesses it. This intelligence has the capacity to transform teams, transform leaders and strengthen trust and relationships. It can shape the future of our families, our communities and our organizations for mutual success.

Conversational Intelligence® is not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learning new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success. With this knowledge, we can prime our conversations to support more productive, co-creative and intelligent results.

We present to you the What’s Your Conversational Intelligence®? Podcast
Lyn Christian, ICF Master Certified Coach, certified in Conversational Intelligence® Coach and founder of SoulSalt Inc. has partnered up with Author, Organizational Anthropologist and Founder of the CreatingWE® Institute, Judith E. Glaser, to present a framework for knowing which kind of conversations trigger the lower, more primitive brain, and which conversations activate higher-level intelligence, such as trust, integrity, compassion, and good judgment.

What’s Your Conversational Intelligence®? is a podcast that makes complex neuroscience simple to understand and apply through a wealth of easy-to-use tools, examples, conversational rituals, and practices for all levels of an organization. 

How many times have you felt like you were beating your head against a wall trying to get other people to understand? Can you remember those times when you felt like you or other people were talking past each other? Did you know we can get addicted to being right and that every conversation we have influences exchanges of certain neuro-chemicals?

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Join us and learn how you can change your conversations and change your life.