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Be Focused

SoulSalt’s unique Be Focused program teaches you how to Be Focused and master time management in a comprehensive course with step-by-step strategies and tactics to take control of your life, thus leading to a happier, more fulfilled life. This self-paced program is planner agnostic, and includes six basic modules and several advanced modules to ensure you create your own system so you can be certain it will help you live a more focused life. As a bonus, you also get access to a private Facebook group full of people taking the course to learn tips and tricks from!

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Be Strong

Our Be Strong ebook guides you on how to utilize the information from Stand Out, written by strength expert Marcus Buckingham, as well as from your real-life experiences. This e-book includes self-guided exercises assist you to clarify how you can play at peak performance in life and in work.

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How To Be a Badass

This is the ultimate guide to finding your true badass self! It includes four week’s of virtual coaching, workbook and home-play, videos, and exclusive access to a closed Facebook Group where you can connect, learn, and be inspired by others going through the ‘How to Be a Badass’ program.

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Be True

Be True was one of our first courses,  designed to help you determine what your Core Value System is and how to be true to your inner plumb line! The videos from Lyn will help you discover what your core values are and will support you in aligning with what matters most in your life. Along with the downloadable worksheets this course will assists you in better decision making, living a life of integrity, and being a more truer version of yourself.

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Conversational Intelligence® For Women In Leadership

By exploring conversations in over 500 companies we’ve now discovered that 9 out of 10 conversations fail to hit the mark. That means that 9 conversations out of 10 resulted in “low levels of connectivity” and “missed opportunity.” C-IQ for Women in Leadership is a five month program designed to guide female leaders to more competently influence transformation, build trust and get extraordinary results.

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Reinventing Your Working Identity

Most of us have entertained the notion of reinventing ourselves. Instead of spending a large amount of time and money going back to school consider taking five-months to learn this set of skills and strategies you can use for a lifetime.

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