Dallas Graham and The Red Fred Project

Dallas Graham and The Red Fred Project

Lyn Christian of SoulSalt, Inc. interviews the gentle genius, Dallas Graham of the Red Fred Project. They review how Red Fred was born as Dallas asked a simple question. It was a tiny inkling, which evoked a grundle of curiosity that Dallas followed into a life-changing moment.  In his words: this moment “reached down deep and clamped onto the center of my personal earth.” The outcome is a vivid expression of his artistry, which he will lean into for the rest of his life.

What fascinates Lyn and the folks at SoulSalt, Inc. are the practical, elegant and playful elements of Dallas and his work. If you have a dream, one so pregnant and bulging with your DNA that it distracts you to doodle and daydream, this pod-cast is for you.

Like many courageous individuals who express their artistry, Dallas was haunted by inner voices that nudged him to take more classes and become a better photographer, a better designer. Instead, career success has come by persisting to keep his dream alive. He has met with mentors, educators and brilliant advisors who encouraged him to refine and continually explore deeper aspects of his Red Fred idea. The more clarity he gained about what Red Fred’s mission would be, the more attractive the project became.

Today, Dallas lives and works within a magical, silver-starred collaboration, funded in part by KickStarter funding. “If you want the masses to help you, find something the masses want to help you do,” is his firm advice. Listen in to get more ideas of how to apply Dallas’ success strategies to your dream.