Daring Greatly: Courage, Vulnerabilities Transformations

 Daring GreatlyIt is a human inclination to deny, even ignore our own frailty. Most of us live in a society or family that says we are supposed to be strong, tough or brave which translates to being invulnerable. In fact most of us are reluctant and maybe even terrified to confront our own vulnerabilities. Maybe you can’t relate to what I just said, but this was my life.

When I met someone, the healthy and loving one I wanted to spend a satisfying life with, I finally met the challenge to reconsider how I viewed vulnerability. I had to grapple with such things as toxic shame, denial of the human need for emotional safety and deep intimacy. I started by listening to Brene’s Ted Talks and eventually graduated to reading her book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

I have jumped into the big, bold notion of daring greatly and found that I cannot be with my “someone” until I learn to “be” whole and courageously with my own human needs and imperfections.

Thank you Dr. Brene’ Brown for going first and leaving a trail of bread crumbs so people like me can make it out of the forest and into the arms of life-long love.