Got Skis? – The Power of Customer Evangelism

Gold Miners Daughter Lodge. Alta, Utah

If you frequent an airport such as SLC International during the winter, you deal with many a skier schlepping oversized bags filled with skis, boots, poles and other gear as well. This is in addition to their regular luggage.

With that said, I know of at least thirty excellent skiers who fly to Utah, get a 45 minute shuttle ride to Alta and never once hassle with packing more than a suitcase.

These avid sportsters don’t rent gear.  When they arrive in their rooms up at the Goldminer’s Daughter lodge, Jonathan Scoville has a welcome gift awaiting. Just before they step foot on the property, Jon has fetched their very own skies, boots and poles from a private storage room in the lodge and placed them inside the guest’s room. No extra charge, no extra worry and a huge, huge need met for ski destination travelers because they can’t perform on rentals like they can on their own pair of slats.

I recently asked Jonathan, “What happens if one of these skiers wants to travel to a different state and lodge and their gear is being stored at your lodge?”
Gold Miners Daughter Lodge. Alta, Utah
He told me, “I arrange all of the shipping and handling of such requests with a credit card transaction and phone call with that guest.” Pretty easy-peezy for the avid GMD skier and all they have to pay for is the shipping.  Pretty impressive example of meeting a client need with bulls-eye accuracy. I applaud Jonathan, front desk manager at GMD, and the entire culture at the lodge for being accommodating and astute by meeting a need within their marketplace.

And there you have it:  the last of three sure-fire ways to ensure that you deserve and receive customer love and thus the power of Customer Evangelism.  Let’s recap them:

1 – Offer a remarkable service or product that solves a client problem
2 – Offer a remarkable service or product that fills a client need
3 – Offer a remarkable service or product that fulfills a client’s wants and/or dreams.

Have you used any of these tips in your own practice?  We would love to hear your results and experiences. Please feel free to share them in the comment box below.