Gratitude—Source of the Good Stuff

What would you be willing to do to have a better life? Maybe before you answer that question you should answer this one: What would make your life better?
Here’s a list gleaned from clients I’ve worked with who say, “I want the good stuff life has to offer—I want my life to be better.” Check any or all that apply to you:

A longer life with a higher level of well-being

Increased sense of contentment

Increased experience of Joy

More energy, flow, optimism, and creativity

More satisfying and longer partnerships or marriages

More friends and stronger social bonds of support

Better physical health and a bolstered immune system

Lower levels of stress

Less pain

More self-confidence

Greater amounts of self-regulation (self-control)

Better sleep

More activity, movement, and exercise

Higher income

Superior outcomes at work

Greater amounts of positive outcomes from personal and professional endeavors

Increased level of productivity

How many boxes did you check? Did you check them all? 
It is possible to cultivate every single item listed above into your life. Today we have several lines of research being followed, tracked and published (check out the resources below) that scientifically prove how all this “good stuff” can be yours. But let me briefly explain how to make it happen.


Begin a Gratitude Practice.
Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s truly an invaluable skill. Plus, it’s easy to adopt if you’re willing following these easy steps:

1—Carve out a small amount of time in your schedule (maybe 3 to 5 minutes) for your practice.

2—Tell your accountability buddy that you are going to start a gratitude practice for the next 7 days and ask them to check in to see if you’ve kept your word.

3—Start your practice, AND start it today. Don’t wait. Start it immediately.

4—(Optional) send us an email at and tell us what you experienced in your 7-Day challenge.


Gratitude Assessment

If you like this blog, or even better, if you LOVE the transformation you find after your 7-day experience with gratitude, you might also want to:

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