Live Empowered—Work from Strength and Passion

Yes, Virginia, there really are people out there who earn a living by doing what inspires them! As proof, let me share with you the story of Academic Coach Kay Bush. Listen in as she illuminates how she came to live and work in this zone:


While I invite you to enjoy the many points of interest highlighted in her interview, here are three of my favorites:

Academic coaching is a powerful new support system for parents, teachers and students. (I find Kay’s Life Leadership programs particularly intriguing.)

The career recalibration process Kay engaged in to become a coach is a wonderful story. Not only has she successfully integrated a career as a school counselor with her entrepreneurial work as a freelance academic coach, but she’s also grown a business that represents her personal truth and vision. I’d love a few of my career reinvention clients to take note for this very reason.

Kay is a fine example of those who make a living from their heart, soul and intellect. She’s grafted her core values into the DNA of her work, and she operates from the point where passion, strength/talent converge with a market need. Kay’s brand and her company name are simple, honest extensions of who she is. This, in my book, is the most powerful place a business owner can be.

Enjoy!Kay Bush