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Keynote Topics

Lyn Christian is a dynamic and captivating speaker who engages and inspires the audience. Her ability to authentically connect with the audience results in the audience taking action in their lives.

Topics that Lyn speaks to, include (But not limited to):

Keynote: Be True, Be Strong, Be Focused

Enliven and Enlarge your vision of who you are and what you can achieve. This stirring keynote blends three timely and applicable strategies with a cluster of metaphorical, real-life applications. Set against the backdrop of Lyn Christian’s encounters within the crucible of elite Gym Jones from which she has adventured into competing in Sprint Triathlons…after the age of 50,  this hour-long keynote is sure to inspire and inform almost any group. Audiences  who have engaged Lyn in this manner include: Westminster Center for Entrepreneurship, Progressions Salon/Spa/Store, ConsultNet, Adieus Financial,  Lunatic Fringe Salons, Quantum NLP New Consciousness Expo, etc.  

Lyn I have to say this was the most impressive speech we’ve ever had here at work. I usually snooze through these events and today…well you inspire me beyond words. Thank you! – Matt Adams at ABC Financial


Expected Outcomes:

Participants will be able to better align with your company core ideology as they begin to identify and understand their own formula for “being true”.  Each attendee will have a more clear understanding of the increase in strength and growth available when they engage a coach, mentor or accountability group. Each participant will see the results one can expect when you write a program or follow a program aimed at directing your focus toward a specific goal – be focused.

Cutting through chaos.002

Presentation: Cutting Through Chaos, Time and Focus Management Revisited

This is one of Lyn’s most popular and practical presentations. Her years working for Franklin Covey helped her see how critical it is to constantly honing our time and focus management skills. Leaning into what Neuroscience currently tells us about how humans make significant things happen and blending that with the art of personal productivity, Lyn’s presentation offers solid strategies that get results fast. Audiences who have engaged Lyn for this presentation include: Women’s Council of Realtors, Paul Mitchell the School Corporate, DATC (Davis Applied Technology College), Westminster College, etc. Expected Outcomes: Participants will better understand the concept of and dynamics involved in focus/time management. Lyn will take each member of the audience through her simple strategy as it applies to their unique personal planning systems. Audience members report immediate improvement in their ability to manage their daily tasks, weekly tasks and some project tasks. This presentation can serve as hands-on dynamic keynote speech lasting 45 to 50 minutes or it can be customized to fit into break-out sessions and a 20 minute class.

Presentation: Customer Loyalty: How to leverage the power of evangelists  – 

Every business and non-profit endeavor has a unique fan club: a group of believers who believe in what you stand for. If you’re smart, you spend less time trying to capture new customers and donors, and more time connecting with your advocates who have super-fan power. They, ultimately, are the force that will bring you the revenue, customer base or volunteers you need to remain viable. Customer Loyalty, or in Lady Gaga’s words, “Monster Loyalty”, is a key to marketing yourself in this decade. Lyn Christian would love to share research and strategies she’s gleaned from her association with Jackie Huba on the topic. Christian claims that everything she’s needed to know to market a thriving business she’s learned from Huba.And who is Jackie Huba? Since 2001, Huba has been researching the effects of word of mouth customer loyalty. She has authored three books on customer loyalty:

  • “Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into Fanatics” which was released May 2013
  • “Citizen Marketers: When People are the Message,” for which the Wall Street Journal proclaimed “drop everything and read this book”
  •  “Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force” which Harvard Business School praised saying, “lessons of customer evangelism related through real life company stories make this book an absorbing read.”

She was also the co-author of the award winning Church of the Customer blog, which counted over 105,000 subscribers, and her works have been noted by Forbes as “The word of mouth gospel.”

If you want practical, effective and simple strategies to boost your marketing efforts, you’ll want to hear Lyn’s presentation.

Expected Outcomes:

Discover how to bring money into your organization and generate revenue. Find out who your loyal customers are and how to target your one percenters. Explore what you and your businesses core values and ideations are. Find out if you have a “napster”: those free bite size chunks that create relationships and generate interest.

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