Let Go of Disorganization, Grab Hold of Productivity


This article was originally published JANUARY 2016, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.


Letting go of disorganization often means we need a stronger hold of productivity.

To this end, here are tips and tools to use for yourself or with your clients: David Allen, the creator of the Getting Things Done ® methodology recently shared the tools he uses to “get things done”…  (Read more here)

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My former employer Franklin Covey offers a free, 31-Day sample planner. This world-class productivity company will be happy to send you a discount, special offers and information about new products when you download the sample planner. (Get the 31-Day sample planner here!)

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If over scheduling and under-planning has left you feeling frazzled, free Be Focused tools and resources can be had by simply signing up here:

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