Wake Up and Make Wishes Come True

Stop right now and take inventory of your life by answering this question:

What is one thing still dangling on my “wish upon a star” list that I keep talking about but not acting on?

So, now that you’re willing to admit and expose this dangling desire, let me ask you another question:
If you continue in this manner, how likely is it that your dream will eventually come true?
Hopefully, you’re honest enough with yourself to recognize that your “wish” won’t likely come true if it’s neglected.

Let’s nudge this line of questioning a tiny bit further:
How will you feel if you don’t achieve this aspiration . . . ever?
How will you feel once you achieve this desire?
Which scenario do you want most?
So, now what happens?

For some of you (you know if I’m talking to you) this post is just what you needed to read at just this very moment. This is a wake-up call to do the following five critical steps:

1 – Clarify what it is that you “wish”—be as specific and clear as possible.

2 – Tell someone else about it—declare your intention publicly.

3 – Plan how you are going to go about achieving this goal.

4 – Set up accountability meetings with someone you trust.

5 – Get going and don’t stop until the wish has come true (or something better has emerged in your efforts to take its place).

Goal setting and goal getting are part of what we do here at SoulSalt, Inc. We coach people to dream and declare wonderful goals for themselves. Below you’ll find a couple of interviews with our peeps. While we provide just enough structure to support their efforts, we leave enough room for individuals to invent their own system of making dreams come true. Enjoy!

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