How I Found Non-Violent Communication and My Purpose – Julie Warr

Everyday we support people who want to become #InspiredBadasses. It is typical to welcome through our doors career re-inventors, entrepreneurs, social-preneurs and the like. What’s not so common is uncovering a convergence between SoulSalt’s causes and a client re-invention start-ups.

However, lightning did strike and meld us together in a temporary way. It all happened the day our client, Julie Christensen Warr proclaimed her intention to start-up an official NVC (Non-Violent Communication) Community/non-profit organization right here in the Salty City! As we have supported her to this end, we’ve been on the inside track. Enough so, that the sort of workshop she is bringing to town in April is not only fully aligned with who we are as a company, it is timely.

Never in the history of this company, or in my life-time, have I seen the sort of need for co-creating peaceful and non-violent, partner-thinking like you and I witness today.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that we recommend you to consider attending this exclusive event. Especially if you are a manager, a coach, a therapist of any sort, if you are a community leader, a parent,  a partner, a spouse, or even a friend who seeks to speak peace in times of chaos and conflict, this event is for you. Below is a blurb from Julie and why she was drawn to NVC.

How I Found NVC and My Purpose

October of 2015 I was coming off the emotional high from four days at The Parliament of Religions where people from all over the world, from nearly every religion, discussed peace and compassion. I wanted to feel that high every day and even more, I wanted everyone to feel and experience what I had! I had been filled with pure joy and had my mind and heart opened wide.  I began looking into changing my career path to do something where I could help people find peace and joy.  I considered mediation, psychology, and public health promotion. Non-Violent Communication Julie Warr

During this time, I began being acutely aware of the effects of human suffering.  I was learning what I could about the life of refugees and the process of resettlement; I was getting involved as an ally for the LBGT community, and I stepped up my efforts with the homeless.  I began thinking that so much of human suffering is related to the same two things: a desire to matter and the need for love or connection.  In my mind, I saw an end to all the world’s problems if everyone felt and shared love, and knew that they mattered to someone.  (Yes. It really is that simple.) 

I was also being coached by Lyn Christian at the time, and one day on my way out of her office she asked if I’d ever heard of NVC. “NBC?” I asked.  N. V. C.  I had never heard of it before and I went back to my office and Googled it.  I found a YouTube video with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg that was about 10 minutes long.  As I listened, it was as if the heavens opened, angels sang, and my mind lit up.  THIS was what I needed to learn more about; THIS is what I need to do with my life.  THIS could really heal people!  I listened to Dr. Rosenberg reading his book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life during the remainder of my work day and I couldn’t believe how much it rang true to me.  I Googled to see if there was any NVC training in Utah.  There was not. In fact, the closest certified NVC trainer was in Colorado!  I decided that afternoon that I was going to become certified in Nonviolent Communication.  I attended my first workshop in Denver the spring of 2016 and quickly realized I needed to bring NVC to Salt Lake City.  I felt the pull and call of NVC and have immersed myself in it ever since, desiring to share the beauty of it with as many people as I can.