Team Badass

Naming SoulSalt

We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do.
Martha Grimes, a Grand Master Mystery Writer

I took Grimes’ words to heart when naming this company. I actually started coaching in 1998 while attending CoachU. From there I went on to hone my skills at the knee of Thomas Leonard as he started Coachville, and at Franklin Covey in their first coach training class. By spring of 2002, a prospering practice had grown with enough client feedback to satisfy my desire to formalize the name of my work.

I knew I would be a poor choice for doing this because I lived too close to what I do. Most of us rarely see the value of our efforts as clearly as those receiving it. So, upon gathering a certain mass of outcomes and comments from the first five years of my practice, I asked individuals with marketing and branding experience to review the data.

These folks suggested that I call my work the Salt of the Soul. Now this concept intrigued me. The common denominators in the market research were:

When I work with Lyn there is a certain esoteric element to what we do that supports me to better understand and follow the intimations of my own spirit—soul.

Lyn’s presence is grounding and by working with her, I am better able to navigate my time, being organized leveraging my talent or strengths and all those tangible, palpable non-negotiable elements of this life—salt.

I reviewed the information handed me, made one small tweak to the name and on April 9th 2002, SoulSalt Inc. was born.






Our Foundational Values


Courage hails from the Latin word Cor, thereby literally meaning to live from the core or heart by engaging mental or moral strength to persevere in the face of fear or difficulty.


Freedom is the process of living as unencumbered as possible from any pattern that impairs one’s ability to be true to self or prohibits personal growth.


Integrity is a concept of consistency where actions mirror ones values and guiding principles. Accordingly, integrity is regarded as an inner sense of “wholeness”. At SoulSalt we regard integrity as the opposite of hypocrisy.



Coaching is not a quick fix like those found in a pill or a medicine cabinet. Working with SoulSalt requires dedication, discipline, awareness and attention, which maintained consistently over several months, produces results.

Together with a client, we discover what their objectives might be.

We assess the individual or business to design a specific coaching program.

Sometimes we deliver it with training if necessary and consulting if needed.  We always coach the individual or business over an agreed upon time modifying and adapting, holding accountable and partner thinking as we go.

Often during an engagement, we reassess, change what needs adjustment, and repeat. Coaching with us will require that you make relevant changes or we dissolve our partnership.