Paul Mitchell School

I first heard Lyn speak at the Paul Mitchell Summit 2007. The power in her message made a lasting impression. Now into 2009 I have the privilege of having her expert coaching and Leadership Training. The time I spent with Lyn discovering the art of leadership communication and time management is a valuable tool I use every day in my professional role and my personal relationships. Lyn instinctively targets what really matters and coaches through the process with support and focus. The results are immediate victories and give me enthusiasm to learn more.
– Su Barger
Paul Mitchell The School St. George

Taking a focused look at the strengths of our management team helped me give meaning and direction to vital decisions that have helped our company grow. Knowing exactly the way we can bring out the brilliance of the group helped them find their way toward more success in their everyday work, as well as how they felt about their positions. It also help me lead them more effectively. Hats off to SoulSalt and SoulSalt Academy. It started a journey that will continue on into the future.
Penny Muccia
Parisian Beauty Academy,
a Paul Mitchell Partner school