I have been told that I am a great leader but really I am just a creative person. Because of my leadership abilities, I was elevated to management, and to this point I have been unconsciously competent. What do you do when all you have is talent? This program, SoulSalt Academy, has been the training and mentoring I needed so that I can develop my skills. Now I know what I am doing and now I know how to permanently improve the performance of the people who work on my team.
-Peder Singleton,
Director of Design,
Struck Inc
Participation in the SoulSalt Academy coaching program has been eye opening in every possible way. Not only have I learned valuable skills that have a direct application to my management style and our business model, but I have also benefited from the incredible coaching and motivation of the SoulSalt coaches. Above all, there is a renewed blast of creative energy in our studio and it can be directly attributed to the time I spent working with SoulSalt, Inc. Even in this crazy economic climate, we are pushing forward with increased optimism, responsibility, and focus. I now understand that coaching leads to better work, better communication, and better results. It’s not about showing someone how to do something better, it’s about clearing a pathway, improving perception, and removing obstacles. Every step of the process has been gratifying and educational. While there is always more to learn, there is no doubt that Struck, Inc. is a better, stronger, smarter, organization because of our partnership with SoulSalt, Inc.
– Matt Anderson,
Studio Manager,
Struck Inc PDX