Jessica Draper

Social Media Coordinator and Product Developer

None of us chose where we were born. Most of us don’t choose where we die. But all of us choose how we live our lives every day.

Before coming to SoulSalt Inc.,  Jessica worked in the food and beverage industry. At that time Jessica’s main passion in the kitchen was creating desserts. One of her last positions was as pastry chef at one of Utah’s top ski resorts.

She also has a knack for hospitality and creating effective and efficient systems: a talent that served her well as a hostess in the food services industry.

By the time she first arrived at SoulSalt Inc. in 2008, a Coordinator job had opened. Lyn and SoulSalt Inc. were expanding the amount of events and creative projects they produced. Jessica’s organizational skills and her ability to adapt were highly sought after.

Since this time, Jessica has grown as her position has expanded. Today she uses the strengths mentioned above as well as her management skills, product development and an eye for design and style. Her current roles include Creative Director and Social Media Manager. When asked what she loves most about her work she replied:

I love working side-by-side with Bad Ass people.

Check out some of Jessica’s creations found within the SoulSalt movie collection on YouTube.

Jessica’s core values are: Honesty, Loyalty, and Courage.