Lyn Christian


It is the innovator, the visionary, the entrepreneur that coaching sets free.Lyn Christian

MCC, CFCC, Certified m-BIT Coach

At several points along the way, an undaunted fire in the belly dared me to act more from courage than conformity. Like many situations in life, I could not fully comprehend the chain reaction these defining moments would ignite when I said, “yes”.

However, each crucible produced a growing sense of trust and self-compassion. They tutored me to recognize my own path of wisdom through life’s forests and valleys. Consequently, I have come to live my life according to one motto:

Find your truth, then live it.

Life hasn’t been easy and yet I would not dwell upon the hardships because in truth, this life has been “real”…and all mine. I treasure every heartbreak, scar, surprise and every scared shitless edge or line I’ve ever stepped over. Just as much, I cherish the love, comfort, peace, guidance, and protection bestowed upon me

I  intend to continue molding and defining myself as a generative being. One who will determine the measure of success at the end of life by the quality of my answers to these two questions:

How soft is my heart? How open is my mind?

Now you know enough about me to get a sense of who I am. However, if you are interested in the details afforded by traditional biographical sketches, read on. Either way, know this:

If you’re not serious about being more strong, more true and more focused, don’t hire me.

A Biography

Lyn Christian has been called a coach’s coach. While training hundreds of coaches, she considers her greatest contribution as those made within the hearts, minds, and lives of her actual coaching clients.

Founder of SoulSalt, Inc., Lyn has been called a Bad Ass, primarily because she is the embodiment of the principles and ideals taught at SoulSalt Inc.

Long before SoulSalt Inc. Lyn’s first career was as an educator. During this time Lyn was awarded Multi-Sensory Teacher of the Year in 1997, as well as being nominated as a Huntsman Teacher of the Year for the state of Utah. Her undying desire to innovate and thrive urged her to leave academics. This is when Lyn reinvented herself and moved into the business arena.

She moved from academics in 1998 to assist Franklin Covey to innovate and develop several world-class training products. She holds a Master Certification with the International Coach Federation and certifications from both Franklin Covey Coaching and renowned Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith. She is a graduate of Coach U. Lyn is also a certified m-Bit Coach and a former ambassador for the World Association of Business Coaches.

Lyn is credited as a contributing author in: Renewal, Nourishing body, mind, heart, and soul, of the Portable 7 Habits™, Franklin Covey 1999; Choice, Choosing the proactive life you want to live, of the Portable 7 Habits™, Franklin Covey 1999; and Simply Brilliant, 1800 success tips and life lessons from America’s top personal and business coaches, Leonard 1999. Other writings include: Achieving Balance, Thoughts on personal renewal, Franklin Covey 1999, and Self Integrity, Identify your governing values, Franklin Covey 1999, as well as assisted with the writing for Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play, Franklin Covey 2000. She also created coach training for Franklin Covey Coaching LLC and Legacy Learning LLC in 2001 to 2004.

During the fiscal year 2000, Lyn was recognized for outstanding achievement and performance as a Senior Project Manager in Product Development & Innovation at Franklin Covey and attended President’s Club held in Los Cabos, Mexico. During the fiscal year 2001, Lyn served as the Associate Director of the Franklin Covey Project Management Innovation Center. Her commission was to infiltrate the Franklin Covey culture with a project management methodology. Working with the PMIC staff, she trained and coached hundreds of employees on project management. Through the efforts of Lyn and the PMIC staff, Franklin Covey quickly accrued 4 million dollars of value in nine months.

Recently she was named as “Fittest Female Executive – 50 and Over” by Utah Business Magazine. Lyn has appeared on Hair Designer T.V., 30 Minutes of Wisdom with the Enlightened Network, and as a guest speaker on a John Maxwell Mastermind group hosted by Vivianne MacKinder. You will also find articles about Lyn in past issues of American Salon and Wasatch Woman Magazines.

Lyn’s most recent adventure has been to face-off with her childhood fear of drowning by entering competitive sports after the age of 50. She now competes in Sprint Triathlons and multi-sport endurance races.

Clearly Lyn is a thought leader.  She has a taste for life that takes her to diverse populations in a variety of industries. No matter if she is working with a celebrity or small business owner, a CEO or warehouse auditor, her edgy yet balanced approach to life and coaching is stimulating.  It is this same sort of entrepreneurial spirit that drove her as a kid to organize neighborhood rodeos and earn an income doing jobs like mowing lawns and digging post holes. It is this dream-chasing spirit that drives Lyn’s work today. She is intent on her clients getting remarkable results.

With all this said, Lyn lays claim to being an expert at only one thing – hungering for and embracing wisdom and personal evolution. At the end of a week when it is time to sit and relax, Lyn loves the company of her partner, an excellent movie and a bowl of their own home-made blend of sweet and savory popcorn.