The Key To A Strong Start Is A Confident Finish.

the start and end to a new year
With a final quarter left in the year, it is time to discuss how to complete the year with sanity, success, a sense of accomplishment and groundedness.

It also is not too early to begin your formulation of a theme for 2018.

To support you, we have curated some of our past blogs on the topics of resolutions, yearly themes and keeping up with the goals you set for yourself. Together we can assist you in making sure your fourth quarter and the start of 2018 is a success!


the start and end to a new year 2How are those resolutions coming?
If you feel like you’re one of those who’ve failed to keep up with your resolutions this year, don’t despair.
Instead, continue reading more this blog (here)!

What is your theme?
Lyn is a big advocate for picking a Guiding Theme for the year versus setting the standard resolution which is based on irrational “should, could and ought to do” thinking.
See what Lyn’s past themes have been and how others have used setting a year-long theme to accomplish their own lofty goals (here)!

Quarterly check-ins through the year are key.
The last quarter of the is a great time to see how things are going and evaluate your priorities, it can make all the difference.
Are things moving along better or worse than expected?
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