Explaining C-IQ: What is Conversational Intelligence®?

Conversational Intelligence

 What is Conversational Intelligence®?

Research shows that 9 out of 10 conversations miss their mark. That could be a hard concept to recognize. How often do you find yourself thinking, “I don’t have time to spend in deep conversations; they take too long. Just let me tell you what I need or want or expect, and let’s get on with things.”

And yet, when we slow down and have the courage to master Conversational Intelligence®, we see shifts and progress, which normally take months or even years, happen instantaneously.

C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence® Quotient) creates deeper connections with others even in the face of conflicting points of view. We see higher levels of trust, of partnering and of co-creating behaviors when we use C-IQ skills. Imagine that your world could move from an I-centric, protect world to a WE-centric, co-creative world in one short conversation. This is the power of Conversational Intelligence®, and it is a new and innovative framework with profound, transformational potency.

In 2016, Inc. magazine named Judith Glaser’s C-IQ work as one of the top trends in business:

We’ve all heard about Emotional Intelligence, the ability to be self-aware of how behaviors and actions impact on others. What few of us are as aware of is the emergence of Conversational Intelligence®, the understanding of how conversations actually rewire our DNA and brain chemistry. There are 30 years of deep research in this field and we are just beginning to understand how critical conversation is to actually shaping our biology. So why is this increasing in importance? Simple; most of our conversations are now in digital form. Many of us have long since passed the point where over 50% of our daily communication happens online. The science of understanding what this means and how to effectively harness digital conversations to create and reinforce trust, collaboration, and alignment among teams is one of the most important challenges as we move towards a globally connected human population where the notion of face to face becomes an increasingly smaller slice of how we interact and create value. Check out the book by Judith E. Glaser on Conversational Intelligence® (on Amazon here).

Conversational Intelligence® is based on neuroscience research and it provides us with deep understanding about how every conversation has an impact. As we learn about our conversational patterns, we are able to “Architect, deconstruct, and shape our conversations with others, one conversation at a time!

To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of our culture, which depends on the quality of our relationships, which depends on the quality of our conversations. Everything happens through conversations.” —Judith E. Glaser, Conversational Intelligence®, How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results.

Once you learn which patterns drive connectivity and trust, and which drive fear and distrust, you are able to connect, engage, navigate and co-create with others in healthy ways. Conversational Intelligence® elevates oxytocin (the chemistry of connection) and lowers cortisol (the chemistry of fear and distrust). Understanding the neuroscience of conversations and applying this wisdom transforms individuals, teams and organizations, opening up new pathways for mutual success.

What makes C-IQ so unique and why C-IQ coaches like Lyn Christian stand out is a deep awareness of Interaction Dynamics (Tell and Ask, Advocate and Inquire, Share and Discover). These individuals understand how to use these dynamics to connect, navigate and grow with others in a positive manner. Because C-IQ coaches are intimately more aware of how to build trust with clients and teams, they are able to uncover challenges and blind-spots (learn more about blind spots here) that were invisible before. This is not just a “how to” system it is a “know how” system.Conversational Intelligence 2

Lyn can masterfully support clients and teams to reveal their own deep awareness. They can learn how to express this awareness to create lasting and profound shifts in how they communicate and co-create, and even how a company creates its culture and future success.

If you or your team would like to learn more about how to engage C-IQ to improve how you work with individuals, teams, and your company culture, fill out an intake form and send it in. We’ll schedule time with you for a free discovery session.

SoulSalt and Lyn would love to support you and others to self-regulate and co-regulate your neurochemistry for a transformational future.