What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence

There are many ways one can have intelligence. Some people are students and learn from books and by taking classes. Some people have street smarts – a sort of common sense savvy. Other people tend to have emotional intelligence where they astutely understand human dynamics. From intellectual intelligence to emotional intelligence, from book smarts to street smarts, each of us possesses unique abilities that help us achieve success.

There is one type of intelligence that we’ve just started to learn more about that is different from all the rest. In fact, it seems to be universal and has game-changing power. It is called Conversational Intelligence® and everyone possesses it.

This intelligence has the capacity to transform teams, leaders and to strengthen relationships and trust. It can shape the future of our families, our communities and our organizations for mutual success.

To better understand what C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence®) is let me explain it a bit more. You and I can speak on average, about 16,000 words each day. And it is estimated that trillions of conversations are taking place across the planet every single second. Further research tells us that Nine out of 10 conversations miss the mark. We also know that we often avoid those conversations that seem difficult.

How many times have you felt like you were beating your head against a wall trying to get other people to understand? Can you remember those times when you felt like you or other people were talking past each other? Did you know we can get addicted to being right and that every conversation we have influences exchanges of certain neuro-chemicals?

Advances in neuroscience are giving us the tools to look inside our brains while we’re having conversations. This means we can see what is going on and why. What we are learning is that conversations are far more than the transference of words and information. Encoded in every conversation is a language of trust or distrust.

When we are stuck in distrustful, unproductive or even destructive exchanges, we activate fear networks. This can cause people to withdraw or fight, freeze or appease. What we are finding is that difficult conversations need not cause us to close-down, protect, or become threatened.

Instead, we can learn to activate our communication, discover how to elevate the conversation to a higher level in a very short amount of time. It is now possible to learn how to gauge the impact we can have on conversations. We can learn to shift our influence in a positive manner.

Imagine getting in front of the curve in conversations so that mutual success is the outcome. Conversational Intelligence ® is indeed a new and exciting way for our greatest leaders to build trust and co-create extraordinary results.

If you’d like to learn more about the tools, practices, and rituals you can use to activate your hardwired ability for more effective conversations look into our Conversational Intelligence® For Women In Leadership group (here) or check out Lyn’s FaceBook Live on this topic. Lyn Christian, the founder of SoulSalt Inc. has been personally certified by Judith E. Glaser on this topic. Glaser is the organizational anthropologist who has gifted the world with her life’s work known as Conversational Intelligence ®

Join us and learn how you can change your conversations and change your life.