When Coaching Inspires


This article was originally published JULY 2015, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine. By Lyn Christian MCC, CFCC, CCMBIT COACH

In my experience, there’s nothing more rewarding than to hear a client say a session was inspiring. It’s tempting then to ask, “How do I make this sort of inspiration happen more often?” Unfortunately, the very act of trying to fabricate it only moves us farther away from true inspiration. While we can’t manipulate the occurrence of inspiration, I have found at least two elements that invite the opportunity for inspiration more often than not in a session. The first is to remember our main function as a coach—hold a coaching posture while using pure curiosity to drive questions. The second is to insure that our own ego isn’t invited to the session. Since I would be remiss if I only offered my opinion on this topic, I’ve complied the voices of three principle coaches. I asked them for a brief tutorial on inspiration within the context of coaching. Their combined outlook regarding inspiration has encouraged me to be a better coach. See what you think:



When Coaching Inspires - WorldWide Coaching Magazine July