Coaching Toward Wisdom


This article was originally published November 2015, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

“If we are not coaching toward wisdom, what ever are we doing?” – Lyn T. Christian


Here are three examples of how wisdom can be activated within our lives and our client’s lives.

First examine Gangaji. In my world she is a “Master of Inquiry” who draw’s out wisdom in her discussions with her followers. While she is NOT a perfect example of a coach, she is a master at asking questions steeped in facilitating wisdom.

Next I turn to my mentor Mark Twight (former Extreme Alpinist, co-founder of Gym Jones and Bad Ass!) In this interview, Mark talks about an experience while climbing regarding being wise. In this particular accent he decided NOT to reach the summit. As we coach, reaching the goal is NOT always the point. Enjoy this interview and anything else you can find from Mark. Wisdom is a theme underpinning his training and performing philosophy.

Finally, I have found no better coach specific training which outlines a technology on how to facilitate a client to “hear” innate wisdom. If you have thought about becoming an mBIT Certified Coach, make it happen within the next 12 months. You won’t regret what neuroscience can teach you regarding connecting another person (and yourself) to inner wisdom.

Mbraining mBit