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Are You Ready to Start a New Career Path?

We Enable You to Start Even When You Don’t Know the “What” or “How”

Research has shown that most people will make at least one major career shift in the course of their lives. On average, they will work for at least three different organizations.

Maybe you have a whim or experience burn-out, or you’ve finally found the courage to audibly proclaim a desire to do finally do work that is “right for me”.

If you’ve entertained the notion of reinventing your career, we have the experience and strategies to support you.

No two career reinvention engagements are ever the same.


Lyn knows the reinvention ropes having made eight career advancements over a twenty-year span.

She also accesses an ever-growing body of research, tools and strategies to support individuals to sort through their many possibilities, potential and private dreams to find the next iteration of their working identity.  


If you long to take the leap into the uncharted territory of reinvention, schedule a discovery session today and find out what changing your career might mean for you.

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Our Career Reinvention Programs are for Individuals Who:

  • Are seeking an innovative and intuitive partner to engage them in a thought-provoking and creative coaching process
  • Are inspired by the prospect of maximizing their personal and professional potential
  • Are willing to step into a professional coaching relationship (that includes an agreement defining achievable objectives as well as responsibilities of each party involved)
  • Pledges to be accountable for personal progress and is able to step into an adventure of change
  • Are ready and able to become the most Badass version of themselves

Ready to Learn More About Coaching?

Take the first step by clicking the button below.