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Isn’t It About Time You Had a Coach?

lyn christian coachingDon’t you want more? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want that from their life?

That’s why coaching exists, and it can give you that more you’re seeking - even if you’re unsure of what more is, or how to get there from where you are right now.

Lyn Christian has 15 years of practice coaching individuals to rise to and then surpass their expectations. Backed by certifications, testimonials and invitations to speak at TEDx and to the press, Lyn has made it her personal passion to bring out the potential in others. She founded SoulSalt to broaden her coaching offerings, and to offer her skills to a wider audience.

Why You Need This

Lyn has an infectious energy. Her personality is strong, as is her empathy with whomever she’s speaking with.

She has coached stay-at-home moms to become successful entrepreneurs, and to keep their home life thriving and energized.

Lyn has been invited across the globe to give coaching to team leaders seeking better solutions to their unique challenges. From tech start-ups to established multinational corporations, Lyn’s superpower is being able to connect with the individuals running their businesses, and to give them solutions and strategies they can use throughout their careers.

Which Coaching Program is Right For You?

Career Reinvention

We guide the navigation of fearless career reinvention even when you don’t know the “what” or “how”.

Leadership Recalibration

We offer strategic thinking and partnership with leaders seeking next level results.

Entrepreneur Revitalization

We revitalize entrepreneurs and their companies to facilitate the  instigation of an idea into actuality.

SoulSalt’s Coaching Methodologies Will:

  • Maximize your personal and professional potential
  • Identify and define objectives to be reached
  • Motivate you to become creative, innovative and intuitive
  • Empower you to see past obstacles and achieve outcomes
  • Build a structure to reach the successful outcomes you desire

Start your coaching relationship with Lyn and her SoulSalt team right now.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.