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Innovative and Intuitive Coaching to Facilitate Answers and Action

lyn christian coachingLyn Christian’s Coaching methodologies and practices are backed by certifications and 15 years of one-to-one and group coaching experience.

She considers her role as being the champion (verb) for the champion (noun) inside of you.

Lyn’s experience and expertise take her to a diverse population in a variety of industries across the globe.

No matter if she’s coaching a small business owner or celebrity, a CEO or a stay-at-home mom, her edgy yet balanced approach is stimulating, creative and inspiring.

Because Lyn has reinvented herself personally and professionally over a dozen times, she excels with reinvention clients.

From the creatives and start-ups, to established executives, she welcomes  clients who need both compassion and courage to support them into the next level.

Which Coaching Program is Right For You?

Career Reinvention

We guide the navigation of fearless career reinvention even when you don’t know the “what” or “how”.

Leadership Recalibration

We offer strategic thinking and partnership with leaders seeking next level results.

Entrepreneur Revitalization

We revitalize entrepreneurs and their companies to facilitate the  instigation of an idea into actuality.

SoulSalt’s Coaching Programs are for Individuals Who:

  • Are seeking an innovative and intuitive partner to engage them in a thought-provoking and creative coaching process
  • Are inspired by the prospect of maximizing their personal and professional potential
  • Are willing to step into a professional coaching relationship (that includes an agreement defining achievable objectives as well as responsibilities of each party involved)
  • Pledges to be accountable for personal progress and is able to step into an adventure of change
  • Are ready and able to become the most Badass version of themselves