Lyn Christian’s Coaching methodologies and practices are backed by certifications and fifteen years of actual one-to-one and group coaching experience. She considers her role as being the champion (verb) for the champion (noun) inside of you. SoulSalt’s Coaching programs are best suited for individuals who:

  • Are seeking an innovative and intuitive partner who will engage them in a thought-provoking and creative coaching process
  • Is inspired by the prospect of maximizing their personal and professional potential
  • Is willing to step into a professional coaching relationship, that includes an agreement or contract defining achievable objectives as well as responsibilities of each party involved
  • Pledges to be accountable for personal progress and is able to step into an adventure of change
  • Is ready and able to become the most Bad Ass version of themselves

How Do I Get My Coaching Started?

Fill out a client intake form and schedule a free consultative session. Coaching Engagements are completely customized.

For pricing and schedule, please contact us at (801) 463-5239 or via email at

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