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Need a Charismatic and Captivating Speaker?

lyn christian speaking tedx slcLyn Christian is a dynamic and captivating speaker who engages and inspires the audience. Her ability to authentically connect with the audience results in the audience taking action in their lives.

As the former Director of Innovation at Franklin Covey Coaching and former ambassador for the World Association for Business Coaches, Lyn uniquely bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

Lyn's visual thinking, in-the-trenches experience, and unbridled passion and enthusiasm make Lyn the channel who hands you the very words you need when you need to hear them.

Lyn Christian Live On Stage


Lyn's Most Requested Topics

Lyn speaks on topics related to leadership, time management, career reinvention, and how to find your purpose and live a badass life. Lyn will customize her presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. The goal of each presentation is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.

Lyn's most requested topics include the following. Keep in mind that she can present these as a keynote or a workshop.

1. Be Focused: Cutting Through Chaos and Managing Life Life a Badass

At one point, a  Google search of the word time netted 11.5 billion hits.

By comparison topics such as sex and money raked in a paltry 2.75 and 2 billion hits respectively. How to make the most of the time we have appears to be five times more important to us than making money or love.

Be it insecurity about getting things done, or hating how it feels to have other people's priorities suck the life out of your schedule, Focus Management is a thing.

It's a big darn deal and what we've found at SoulSalt Inc. is a way to switch our attention away from time management toward focus management.

Thereby we support people to stop being busy and start feeling and being more productive, satisfied and making a significant mark on their days, weeks and months.

If you want to decrease stress and increase a sense of "owning my day" this presentation is a must.

2. Be Formidable: How being Strong, True and Focused can make you an everyday Badass!

We live  at a time and with circumstances which have been grinding away at our climate, truth, democracy, decency, compassion and inner peace.

Lyn brings her audiences to a higher energy level of functionality with this timely and relevant speech. If your group needs a booster shot of courage and inspiration, consider Be Formidable.

Each participant will leave with greater clarity around their own Integrity Formula, their strengths and how to free up and focus their forces for the good of all and for personal success. 

3. Neuroscience of Extraordinary Communicators: How to build trust and transform your culture

This presentation blends the best of Conversational Intelligence®️ and Focus Management.

Lyn Christian, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Practitioner and Master Certified Coach, shares research and neuro-science, exercises and practical tools you can immediately use.

For example, studies show nine out of ten conversations miss the mark. Misaligned communication costs businesses on average of $26,041 per knowledge worker.

One of the top five business trends, C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence®️) is a means to better manage such costs while transforming individuals and culture success. This presentation offers you new ways to frame up more intelligent conversations. 

Additionally, while working at Franklin Covey, Lyn realized how critical it is to constantly refine our focus management skills.

Leaning into Neuroscience and the art of personal productivity, Lyn offers knowledge and strategies to support you to get results faster and with more ease.

What You Can Expect

When you book Lyn to speak at your event, here's what you can expect:

1. Prompt response

Our team will ensure to provide a prompt and professional responses to your phone calls and email correspondence.

2. Personal phone consultation

Phone consultation prior to the event to ensure Lyn understands what you want.

3. Promotion of your event

Announcements and mention on the SoulSalt blog and social media channels.

4. Dynamically delivered presentation

A dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want.

5. Follow-up

Immediate follow-up after the event to ensure we met your expectations and needs. 

Take the Next Step

You can take the next step by contacting us below to check Lyn's current availability.

Just click on the orange button below. Someone on our team will happily respond within one business day.

Thanks again for considering Lyn for your event.

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