Welcome to the new home of SoulSalt! We provoke and facilitate answers to life's most daring questions.

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We're in the Courage Business

Instilling Confidence and Bravery in Our Clients Since 2002

At SoulSalt, we believe every human can earn a living or make a contribution by doing what inspires them. And we understand this isn't easy.

These bold and daring individuals are “our people” in part because they base their work and effort on core values and passion. They are on a mission to find their purpose in life and live it fearlessly.

It takes guts to live this way. We help you find the guts.

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We Provoke and Facilitate Answers

... to Life’s Most Daring Questions

We offer strategic thinking and partnership with leaders seeking next level results yet not sure where to start. In particular, these innovators see command and control as a thing of the past. They get that exploration and co-creation with teams will outperform archaic paradigms.

We guide the navigation of fearless career reinvention even when you don’t know the “what” or “how”. No matter if you’re 30, 40, 50 or 60-something, we believe you can recalibrate the way you work.

We revitalize and accelerate entrepreneurs and their businesses. Specifically those bent on instigating an idea into actuality even when you’re not sure you can pull it off. This includes even more established businesses that challenge the founder to question their evolving role.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Working with Lyn has been a game changer both for me personally and for my business.  Her ability to quickly assess and strategize for my business always impresses me. Because of her coaching, I have more strength, direction and organization.

Amanda Herring, The Quilted Fish

Lyn saw in me what I didn't dare to recognize within myself at the time when she coached me
during the startup of my business. Now I live my purpose every day, knowing that my work
makes a difference in the world, and enjoy the lifestyle that I always dreamed of.

Christiane Turner, Quantum NLP

Participation in the SoulSalt Academy coaching program has been eye opening in every
possible way. Not only have I learned valuable skills that have a direct application to my
management style and our business model, but I have also benefited from the
incredible coaching and motivation of the SoulSalt coaches.

Matt Anderson

Meet the SoulSalt Team

shannon dee soulsalt about

Shannon Dee

Operations and Client Relations

lyn christian soulsalt about

Lyn Christian

Founder and Coach

jessica draper soulsalt about

Jessica Draper

Social Media Coordinator and Product Developer

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