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Are You Getting Worn Out By the Day-to-Day of Running Your Business?

Re-Energizing Badass Entrepreneurs to Do Their Best Work

Even the most Inspired Badass needs to be re-energized. Case in point – the bold and daring entrepreneur.

Here in America, there are about 6 million businesses with one or more employees.

About 3.8 million of these are run by entrepreneurs who employ four or fewer individuals. “Mom and pop” shops aren’t building a business as much as they are building a life.

Simultaneously they carry the responsibility of running more than half of the businesses which contribute to the economy in this country.

These bold and daring individuals are “our people” in part because they base their work and effort on core values and passion.

Entrepreneurs earn their living by being remarkable.

With about 45% of our clients falling into this category, we know they need a safe place where someone will listen, strategize and facilitate their best thinking. They need support to establish equilibrium within a unique and vibrant life.

If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to hire a temporary Director of Innovation-like coach, give us a call, you’re our key client.

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Our Entrepreneur Coaching Programs are for Those Who:

  • Are seeking an innovative and intuitive partner to engage them in a thought-provoking and creative coaching process
  • Are inspired by the prospect of maximizing their personal and professional potential
  • Are willing to step into a professional coaching relationship (that includes an agreement defining achievable objectives as well as responsibilities of each party involved)
  • Pledges to be accountable for personal progress and is able to step into an adventure of change
  • Are ready and able to become the most Badass version of themselves

Ready to Learn More About Coaching?

Take the first step by clicking the button below.