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Are You Ready for a Brand New Identity
in Just 6 Months?

Welcome to Reinvention Rx

Sometimes life can get stale.

You’re stuck in a job or career that doesn’t feel right for you. You’re not even sure exactly who you are anymore.

You dream of making a major change, but you have no idea how to do it.

It’s time to reinvent yourself.

Reinvention Rx is a comprehensive coaching program that can help you discover your true passions and create a new, revitalized sense of personal and professional identity.

reinvention rx new identity

In just six months, you can completely reconstruct your personal and professional identity.

A new self -- the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll have a stronger sense of who you are and what you want, empowering you to have the courage to take action in your life.

A series of six intensive webinars will guide you through the process of finding and actualizing a new identity that feels authentic and true to who you really want to be.

The Power of Reinvention: Being Who You’ve Always Wanted to Be

What is Reinvention Rx?

This intensive program gives you six months of step-by-step guidance designed to support you to remove doubt, make sense, and put you in charge of configuring your own steps to a better future.

With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve been in the reinvention business.

We know how to give you the wisdom and tools to move you from where you are to a future you have been dreaming of - a new, reinvented working identity.

reinvention rx webinar

Here's What You’ll Get...

Reinvention Rx is an intensive six month coaching program featuring six pre-recorded webinars, one on one coaching, and essential materials to help you discover and create a new sense of selfhood and purpose.

This six part webinar series is designed to guide you through the process of personal and professional reinvention.

You’ll discover and crystalize the aspects of your identity that you want to focus on, as you move forward and renew your sense of who you are.

This six month program provides you with the following activities and resources to help you construct your new, revitalized professional identity:

  • Monthly webinar series

    Our monthly webinars use proven, research-driven theory and practices, featuring step-by-step assignments that simplify your journey to a better future.

  • 30-day play sheet for each webinar

    These sheets review and reinforce each month’s specific area of focus, outlining unique step-by-step assignments for you to complete. These accountability tools are designed to be shared with your SoulSalt coach, or with your accountability partner on the DIY track.

    They’ll give you a clear map to follow to accomplish your transformation goals, as well as checklists to help you stay on track during the process.

  • Live monthly Q&A sessions

    Because these sessions are recorded and archived, you’ll always have access to relevant and timely answers to the questions that arise on your journey.

    Once you enroll in the Reinvention Rx program, you’ll have access to the real-time coaching that occurs on these calls, as well as recordings of previous Q&A sessions.

    When you attend our live events, you’ll have the opportunity to pose questions of your own, and even receive additional live one-on-one coaching.

    Whether you need to shift your mindset, pry yourself away from fear, or just accelerate your journey of self-reinvention, this vital part of the program gives you the tools and insight you need to make it happen.

  • Additional reinvention resources

    Each month, you’ll be provided with additional reading materials, videos, and exercises, with updates on the latest research. You’ll also get helpful tools like tracking sheets to document your journey and further actualize your progress.

  • Partnership and accountability

    Partnership and accountability are cornerstones of the Reinvention Rx program.

    Research demonstrates that if you commit to someone else, you’re far more likely to complete a given reinvention task or goal. If you have a specific accountability appointment with that person, your probability of completing your goal increases by 95%!

partnership and accountability


When you sign up, you’ll be continually encouraged to not only have an accountability partner, but to meet with them once a month.

We believe that saying something is much different than doing something to get what you want. We focus on doing.

Six Months of Intensive Webinars

Month One: Finding Your Identity Part 1

Preparing Yourself for Reinvention


Clearing Space

This section focuses on clearing space in your life, and in your mind, for this reinvention process to take place.

Shifting Your Paradigm

You’ll explore a new paradigm shift in how you conceptualize selfhood, exploring multiple possible selves and finding your inner “plumb line” of integrity and alignment with your core values.

Your 30-Day Play Sheet

Your play sheet will outline and ask you to be accountable to: start creating your Identity inventory, clarify your Be True system -- your core values -- and design space in your life for reinvention.

Month Two: Finding Your Identity Part 2

Exploring Your Best Possible Selves

In this section, you’ll continue to experiment with various possible selves as you explore your goals for personal reinvention.

You’ll use a Reflective Diary to clarify and document your greatest strengths, with tracking tools provided to gauge your progress.

finding your identity

Your 30-Day Play Sheet #2 will outline the things you need to be accountable for:

Adding strengths to your Identity inventory

Researching how to apply what you’ve learned to new reinvention experiments

Creating and using a Reflective Diary to embody your ongoing transformation

Month Three: The Courage to Act

Translating Identity Into Action

This webinar brings your passions and aspirations into play as you craft and execute a variety of reinvention experiments, while navigating the ambiguity that can come with personal development.

courage to act

Your 30-Day Play Sheet #3 outlines how to:

Move possible selves from your Identity Inventory to further research

Begin a “100 Aspirations” list

Take risks

Accelerate your reinvention through experimentation

Month Four: Widening the Circle

Reaching Out to Others

Move forward with your personal reinvention as you expand your professional network.

widening the circle

Your 30-Day Play Sheet #4 will support you as you:

Widen your circles of influence and opportunity

Craft a survey to gain market research from others about your reinvention process and potential

Gain valuable advice from authoritative sources

Month Five: Bridge Into the Future

Moving Into Your New Professional Identity

This webinar focuses on moving into your new professional identity.

You’ll start exploring potential “bridge jobs” that could lead to where you want to be, as you continue to experiment with your new identity. You’ll also learn to leverage unique networking opportunities to further expand your career.

bridge into the future

Your 30-Day Play Sheet #5 will outline:

How to utilize Bridge Jobs to transition your identity

How to continue to experiment with, and reflect on, your new identity

How to leverage survey results

Month Six: Staying the Course

Moving Forward and Avoiding Stagnation

The final webinar closes things off with a review of all of the relevant strategies you’ve learned along the way, using the Unconventional Strategies checklist.

You’ll learn about how to avoid stagnation and continue focusing on your reinvention as you move forward on your own.

staying the course

Your 30-Day Play Sheet #6 will support you as you:

Keep the relevant and most vital reinvention strategies circulating within your activities until you complete reinvention

Identify when you’ve completed the reinvention process

How to utilize your accountability partnership to stay determined and on track

The Science of Reinvention: The Evidence Behind Reinvention Rx

In addition to our two decades of experience helping hundreds of clients reinvent themselves and their careers, The Reinvention Rx program is backed by quantitative data and methodologically sound research, demonstrating the value of coaching for both personal and professional reinvention.

Your Reinvention Awaits You...

If you’re looking for something to help you through your reinvention, our DIY Track gives you just the basics, with access to the webinars and an exclusive group newsletter to help guide you through the process of reinventing yourself.


$ 49 / month
  • What You'll Receive Each Month:
  • Core Coaching Webinar Training
  • Live Q&A Call & Just in Time Coaching
  • 30-Day Reinvention Play Sheet
  • Printable PDFs, Checklists, Tracking Sheets, etc.
  • Full Access to Q&A Webinar Archives

Start Your Reinvention Journey Today

It’s never too late to make a change.

Reinvention Rx is your ticket to the personal and professional reinvention you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll have access to the tools and guidance you need to revitalize your identity.

Register today, and start reinvention yourself and your life. [link]

reinvention journey

What Previous Clients Have to Say

“Rich Tafel’s own Coaching with Lyn resulted in the creation of a new working identity (political strategist) - the impact or results were calculated at 372.8% return on his coaching investment or $4.73 for every dollar he invested.”

Rich Tafel ROI Study: Executive Summary created for Legacy Learning LLC February 23, 2004

“When Rich began working as a Political Strategist his consulting assisted his client to get a $3 million grant. The estimated 6,600% return reflects an exciting chain of impact.”

Rich Tafel ROI Study: Executive Summary created for Legacy Learning LLC February 23, 2004

An independent R.O.I. study showed that the PMTS system accrued a 42% increase in the number of training that were booked, a 100% retention factor affording the company a savings of $57,381.00 during the 2006 to 2007- the year spent with Lyn Christian coaching the management staff.

“Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible results to the organization. Including the financial benefits from employee retention, the overall ROI was 788%.”

Executive Briefing: Case study on the Return on Investment of Executive Coaching MetrixGlobal.