A Brain-Based Approach to Coaching

This article was originally published in JULY 2018, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

Way back in 2006, David Rock was talking about the need for a “brain-based” approach to coaching. I couldn’t get enough of the idea that science (neuroscience to be exact) was backing up and validating our work. Today, we have an explosion of neuro-scientific work, which supports and explains the value of coaching.

To this point, I did some digging to find a few unique articles that might enhance your understanding of this exploding field with hopes that you’ll find ways to link neuroscience to your work.

First, here’s the David Rock article that started my curiosity and educational path toward neuroscience: Coaching The Brain via Crowe-Associate

Understanding how neurochemistry influences conversations is critical for a coach. Every conversation we, and our clients, engage in can encourage the release of oxytocin, cortisol, or both. Read more about The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations via HBR.org

Do you encourage your clients to keep reflective journals of the work you are doing together? If you don’t, perhaps now is the time to start. We know that journaling can help our clients keep focus. We also know that by journaling about their coaching process, it supports clients to “see” the progress they’ve made as they go back and review their entries. But, don’t take my word for it. This article gives an insider view of the benefits of journaling. And guess what—the positive outcomes are due to positive shifts inside our neurochemistry: How Journaling Makes You More Productive via Shopify

Much of our coaching process can be likened to facilitation. This fine article by Sophia Kristjansson shares several insights into how neuroscience can facilitate change within organizations. Neuroscience Facilitating Successful Organizational Change via Emergenetics.com


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