Success Factors of Conversational Intelligence

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Conversational Intelligence®

Organizational Anthropologist Judith Glaser has finally published this book whose time has come. The first pages were written at age 14, just two years before she entered college. Now in her sixties, Judith’s work around the concept of Conversational Intelligence® (View on amazon here) is quickly becoming the cutting edge for those who want quick and lasting success in life and in business.

Your success is not hinged upon how smart you are. It has far more to do with how open you are to learn new and effective, powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain toward trust, partnership, and mutual success.  This book gives the reader a framework for knowing which sorts of conversations will trigger their neuro-chemistry into primitive brain distrust and stress responses and which will foster prefrontal cortex intelligence – high-trust, integrity, compassion and good judgment. This book makes complex scientific material simple to understand, apply and absorb.

I love using the power of Conversational Intelligence® in my life and with clients. In a nano-second (.07 seconds) you and I can move from resistance to co-creation. We can free ourselves from being battered by that ugly little voice on our shoulders that makes us feel less and freezes us in a world of lack. Start today by diving into this book or by getting a free 30-minute discovery session with Lyn on this topic.


Named one of Leadership Excellence’s Top 20 Thought Leaders, Judith has also been quoted in and interviewed on CBS Morning News, NBC’S Today Show, ABC World News, FOX News Channel, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Crain’s and AMA World. Visit her website here! 

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