Accepting the Challenge

“Our limitations are often defeated by the size of
the challenge we are willing to accept.”
Lyn T. ChristianFounder of SoulSalt Inc.

Look back at your life and notice those events that stretched you the most. For many people, these cathartic moments occur when a worthy, relevant challenge was issued and accepted. 

After twenty years of coaching, I’m confident this is so. Repeatedly the pattern occurs that when we accept challenges, we defeat limitations and unequivocally grow in unimagined ways. We become a bigger, brighter and bolder version of our self.

So what is a challenge? Check out a dictionary and you’ll find definitions such as:

  • a call to take part in, or compete, or duel
  • a dare or provocation
  • a summons to be more, do more, play bigger
  • to query the truth of something
  • to dispute or confront
  • an invitation to engage

At SoulSalt, we are committed to creating more Badasses in this world. To do so we regularly challenge our clients and now we’re opening up a dare, a provocation to anyone within our reach.


Right now you can stretch yourself in unimaginable ways by joining our FREE 5-Day Challenge. As a fully supported event (I’ll be your accountability partner) this is the perfect place to start. Are you ready to smash a limitation and gain some growth you’ve hungered after?

Specifically, we know that winning your day leads to a happier, healthier life and is a key to unlocking your Badass Self. At the end of this five-day challenge, you will be equipped to Own Your Day!

In our 5-Day Challenge, you will receive:

  • A daily email
  • Live Daily training
  • Support and accountability  in a private Facebook Group
  • And free assessment, downloads, tips and tricks along the way

Isn’t it time for you to claim some much needed improvement?
Game on, get ready for the rigor of a 5-day Challenge!

The 5-Day Challenge begins on August 28, but don’t wait to sign-up, as spots will fill up. Click below to register now!

I look forward to helping you Win the Day and unleash the #InspiredBadass inside you.

5 day challenge