Artificial Intelligence – It’s Not About Robots

This article was originally published JUNE 2017, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.

I’m hopeful artificial intelligence will make our future better. In that spirit, I share three related resources in this toolkit.

First, if you haven’t met her yet, let me introduce a new kind of therapist known as Ellie. She’s a wiz at treating soldiers with PTSD. In 2014 a study discovered patients were twice as likely to disclose personal information to her as opposed to human therapists. Ellie is an “A.I. Shrink” and definitely worth watching from a coaching standpoint. I believe what we’re learning about therapy from Ellie will transform coaching.

Next, I offer a great read: Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal (find on Amazon here). This book gives a rare look into an underground revolution—a revolution where the Navy SEALs, scientists, and Silicon Valley are transforming the way you and I work and live. Find out how this movement is spreading into the mainstream of your life.

Finally, I recently interviewed one of my entrepreneurial clients, Ryan Husk. As a former Solutions Engineer with Apple, Ryan now has his own consultant business. He currently employs Bots (web robots) in his business. You might find his perspective on the following points hugely beneficial:

  • What is A.I.?
  • Where is A.I. currently influencing our lives?
  • How can A.I. influence the world of coaching?

In an on-going effort to offer coaches useful information on ethics and coaching, I found this article, Is There a Difference Between Confidentiality and Privacy, intriguing. Do you know the distinction between confidentiality and privacy?