Aspirations 103

The last of a three-part series


In our last two blogs, we discussed the benefits of engaging aspirations. You may recall that, among other things, when we pay attention to our “heart dreams,” we shift our neuro-chemistry from the limbic brain to the prefrontal cortex.

This means we access a part of the brain that is more suited to intelligence, creativity, innovation and better decision-making. That’s why, in the last blog, we suggested an exercise that could assist you in activating your prefrontal “executive brain.” If you’ve had time to explore that exercise, you’re probably ready to take what was once “hidden in your soul” (see the quote at the end of Aspirations 102 by Mother Teresa) to a fresh, new, audacious space in your future!


Let’s see what happens when you activate an aspiration into an achievable goal.

STEP 3 – Within the next 5 days, transform one of your aspirations into a goal. Utilizing some of the tools we offer in our Be Focused course, we invite you to use a downloadable worksheet (find worksheet here). It supplies you with a format to formulate and achieve your goal. It will help you:

  • Write up a vision statement that clearly shares the vision of your goal.
  • Jot down “why” this aspiration has become a goal at this time.
  • Set a date by which you intend to reach your aspiration.
  • Break the goal into bite-size chunks. Then plot them out on your schedule, creating space so they actually get time for you to attend to them.
  • Enlist an accountability partner who will check in every 2 weeks to support and monitor your progress.
  • Write to us and celebrate when you accomplish your aspiration. We particularly want to know how this endeavor has changed and inspired you.

Should you complete all three steps from this blog series, you will likely find you’ve just transformed your own neuro-chemistry to a higher expression of yourself. And you may well have permanently transformed the rest of your life.