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In my world, Bad Asses don’t live in an Echo Chamber. That’s right, the most formidable among us ask for feedback, feed-forward and they ask for help. They want to learn how to improve. They want to know what they do well and keep doing it. They hunger for insights from those bright individuals they work with. We (the SoulSalt team) are “they” in this scenario. You, you are a bright spot in our universe. Therefore we’d love to hear from you concerning what you’ve gained from working with us.

Here’s the most exciting part, your stories, and your insights might just make it into the Bad Ass, SoulSalt book. A book Lyn is currently writing. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in supporting, read on:

When did you hit upon your truth and become an #InspiredBadass? Our new book will be a collection of InspiredBadass who used SoulSalt concepts and fought and struggle to wake up to their truths. We want you to be a part of it!


We want to hear from you! Share your stories about your experiences and how you are an #InspiredBadass!
The deadline for story submissions is March 3, 2017.



Your story is an inspirational, true story about how you’ve used the SoulSalt concepts in your life. We know you’re an #InspiredBadass, now tell us why! You might have multiple stories! Great! We want to hear them all! You can submit a story for each concept.

A few things about good stories:

  • Good stories are written in the first person
  • Good stories draw the reader in and help them understand how the SoulSalt concepts are brought to life
  • Good stories speak from the heart. Many of us have had very vulnerable moments as we understood the SoulSalt concepts. These elements help to draw a reader in
  • Good stories are not testimonials, but rather a personal experience

Your submission should be less than 1000 words!


Please click on the ‘Submission Form’ button at the bottom of this page. You will receive a ‘Thank You for your Submission’ message on the screen. This means that we received it. Again, you can submit for different topics. Please keep them separate.

We will follow up with you, but please be patient. We have a very small team but be assured we will reach out.

If we use your submission, you will receive two free copies of the book. You will also be featured on our website as a contributor to the book. This feature will include links to your business. You will also be allowed to buy books from us at a discount.
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