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Challenge Yourself


Our galaxy, our universe is expanding. We can thank Edwin Hubble for this amazing discovery. Embrace the fact and join the party! Expand, push and challenge yourself. In the process, discover a universal truth: The quest to push yourself from where you stand today to where you want to be tomorrow can teach you everything you need to know (watch the video towards the bottom!). Sometimes it means you draw a line in the sand where your comfort zone ends and you step across it. Sometimes it means you call on our team to support you while you’re reinventing your career, recalibrating your sights on a big, audacious dream, or learning to do less of what doesn’t work while doing more of what does work. Maybe, just maybe, it’s you pushing to be your most Badass self.


You and I are capable of far more than we are currently doing. I believe in the human capacity for growth. If you’ve kept yourself small, chances are it’s because you’re standing in your own way. Maybe you’re afraid to fail. Maybe you’ve conjured up excuses about why you can’t do what it is your heart desires. Start to wrestle with experience instead of “think” about experiences. Act instead of perseverate, and you’ll begin to feel what it’s like to be bold and big and authentic.


When we are willing to tackle and take on our greatest aspirations, that’s when we better comprehend the meaning of our own lives. I didn’t know who I truly was until I came out of the queer closet. My coming out was grueling and painful like ripping off a bandage from an unshaven leg. But, it was also wonderfully freeing. It was honest and stark like a freshly stretched canvas. And, it was a true challenge only I could meet.


Likewise, it wasn’t easy at age 49 to admit I was afraid of drowning, then start training for a triathlon. But, it was real and gritty. And while it scared the shit out of me daily, it also showed me I could overcome difficulty and panic. It showed me that within my non-swimming shadow was an endurance athlete and a champion.


You have desires in your life that you’ve left unspoken. Isn’t it time to put language and action to these?


That’s what we’re about here at SoulSalt. Every member of our team is committed to growth. We find those things that are hard yet honest, difficult yet part of destiny and we place ourselves on a path to be more true.



We do something about what matters most.

Read on, if you will, to learn more about how Shannon and Jessica have pushed and challenged themselves most recently. And, if you’re curious to learn more about my coming out story, it’s documented in the book Fearless Kisses. You can find it in our online store here. This book is where I literally put language to my process. You can also listen in, if your interested, as I share the harrowing experiences and growth afforded me during my Sprint Triathlon seasons or more on the quest to push yourself.














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