Group or Team Coaching – with guest Deborah Goldstein

group coaching toolkitThis article was originally published November 2018, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.


Group or Team Coaching – An Interview Between Lyn Christian and Deborah Goldstein

In this edition of the Coaching Toolkit, I invited one of my highly qualified peers to join in a discussion regarding Team Coaching. Deborah Goldstein is the Founder of DRIVEN Professionals, a Forbes Contributor and one of my fellow Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coaches. During this audio interview Goldie and I tackle the following topics:

  • What is Team Coaching?
  • How do you set up a Team Coaching engagement?
  • How does one get such an assignment?
  • What does the implementation of Team Coaching entail?
  • How does one wrap-up such an engagement?


Our intention is that you’ll find value for your group coaching engagements and a few ideas to boost your one-to-one coaching as well. Feel free to send inquiries to me (Lyn Christian at or to Goldie (Deborah Goldstein at regarding this topic.