Imagine: How Creativity Works  by Jonah Lehrer

Imagine: How Creativity Works  by Jonah LehrerWell, I can’t say this book is worth reading.

The reason: 31-year-old Jonah Lehrer, formerly a wunderkind, speaker and staff writer for The New Yorker fabricated part of the book—he made up quotes from Bob Dylan.

Mr. Lehrer eventually apologized for his bewildering journalistic fraud. Nevertheless, his career unraveled because of the scandal. Not only did this book get recalled, so did his 2009 book, How We Decide.

I’m not sure how often these sorts of things happen in the world of journalism, research and writing. I am sure that after reading about this scandal, we all might be a bit more precise about what we write and how we present our written materials.

Some people found that the scandal made it all the more fun to read Imagine. I am not one of them. I wondered why I could only get to page 30 before I couldn’t pick the book up again. It was after I began doing my research to write this blog that I discovered the controversy.

Nutshell: No review of the book, no doodle rating.