Let’s Get Stronger Together

Get StrongerChallenging our clients to BE STRONG is part of our purpose. It’s an undeniable construct within SoulSalt’s manifesto.

You can imagine that our intention of supporting people to be their strongest self, to leverage strength, also compels us to pay attention to the impact we make. In our view, intention without impact is sort of like clearing off a whiteboard to begin some visual thinking and then walking away leaving the slate blank.

To BE TRUE to ourselves and to BE STRONG as well, we better be able to facilitate our clients through the how-to’s of discovery and use of strength.

And that’s what we do. We support people to excavate and identify then leverage strengths. We study, observe, practice and challenge our clients to use their strengths toward full capacity. It was while I was thusly steeped in study that I was inspired to connect you to a physical challenge, a somatic and linguistic tutorial, if you will.

So, that’s what we’re doing here . . . diverging. Just for now, let’s move away from discussing the research behind finding your workplace and life strengths to discussing strength in a more tangible sense.

Research tells us that our grip strength can be a predictor of our overall physical strength. It can also indicate our muscular endurance. In her article on this topic, Washington Post’s Danielle Douglas-Gabriel even mentions that muscular strength has a strong correlation to our heart health.

And here’s the connection I’m excited to share with you (remember we’re intending to make an impact here, not just throw out fancy ideas):

Q: What do we do with our hands?

A: We hold onto things, we support ourselves, we grasp after things, we can “crush” things, we can pinch off certain influences while opening up others, etc., etc., etc.

So, I propose this: To be better at knowing how to leverage our strengths (the life and workplace variety), let us spend a few days strengthening our physical grip. You heard me correctly. Let’s literally strengthen the part of our body that can grasp, pinch, hold, grab and support. Let’s get stronger!

Who is with me? In all the strengthening of our grip, take a moment to learn how to do a DIY hand-health treatment from Susan McLaughlin of Align. You can receive this tool by clicking on our resource button, entering your email address and we will send it over to you in a snap!