Shoulding on Ourselves – The Law Of Enough

When a big, brilliant idea is birthed, it’s usually imagined with embellished grandeur.

It appears as it “COULD” be.

Moving big ideas from thought to action requires effort. Sometimes these requirements can become heavy, causing us to relent and downgrade our vision or scope.

We revise our idea into more realistic terms.

If the realistic version proves to be too heavy as well, we may shift again.

We resort to doing only what is necessary.

From this perspective, we can accomplish more at a faster rate and with greater ease.

And yet, many of us resist accomplishing what’s necessary in pursuit of what’s grandiose.

The reason is simple (but most of us don’t like to talk about it). We’re trapped in a mindset of every-day-vanilla-perfectionism. We don’t like to name it as such. But that’s what it is.

When we consistently pick the Should, Could and Oughtto version of something versus the basic necessities, we’re stuck. We are stuck in a highly deceptive version of perfectionism.

Most of us would like to avoid such perfectionistic traps. We want to accomplish our big ideas with less stress and less wear and tear on our emotions, minds and lives. The question is how to do this?

Let me introduce you to the notion of only doing enough, a.k.a. the “Law of Enough.”

It’s a simple law—one that can be accessed by, among other things, reviewing the following questions then aligning as much action as possible to as many of the questions as possible, as often as possible.

Law of Enough Questions

  • How little can I do to accomplish this idea with as much joy as possible?
  • How much can I remove from this idea and still accomplish the overall intention?
  • How much can I remove and still accomplish the overall intended impact?
  • How bare-boned can I scale things down and still make a difference?
  • How simple and elegant can I make this idea?
  • How far can I trim until taking one more detail away is too much and leaving one more detail is too little?
  • How far can I push back on the idea and still be satisfied with the outcome?
  • How much can I condense the idea and still be able to claim success?
  • How can I lower the ratio of expectations and still get a suitable ratio of results?
  • Of the dozens of tasks that can be accomplished with this objective, what are the one or two that must be accomplished?

The Law of Enough is what we follow when we want to get extraordinarily clear on what we want to have happen, and when we want to become incredibly concise in executing the minimal amount of work for the necessary outcome.

Lyn Christian interviews Michael Noice on his methods defeating perfectionism with his Should Model:


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