Only Two out of Ten People are Badasses – People Working in the Strength Zone

Only Two out of Ten are Badasses – People Working in the Strength Zone

The research is quite compelling; using meta-analysis, The Gallup Organization indicates that only 20% of the workforce functions from a place of strength. Indeed, it’s likely that only 2 out of every 10 individuals are doing work that leverages their genius and engages their hearts.

Genius derives from the Latin gignere, meaning ‘to beget,’” says Marcus Buckingham in StandOut 2.0: Assess Your Strengths, Find Your Edge, Win at Work, “but the word changed over time to take on the broader sense of a person’s natural, inherited abilities.” It is precisely these inherent strengths that, when nurtured, energize the badass inside us all.

If 80% of us are engaged in work that does not fully leverage our talent, our genius, our capacity, what does this mean for you? How much of the workday is filled with experiences relating to these “strength zone” attributes?

Every day I feel . . .

Working From The Strength Zone

  • high levels of satisfaction
  • long periods of flow
  • a strong sense of self
  • flushed with success
  • self-assured
  • strong
  • powerful
  • in the “zone”




If you’re spending most of your time working outside this strength zone, life can seem boring, painful, even discouraging.

The good news is things can change, here are four ways to start tipping the balance in your favor right now.

1. Watch this two part video to get a keen sense of how to start tracking your unique set of strengths.

2. Purchase a copy of Standout 2.0 (from Amazon here) and take the accompanying assessment to learn your top two strengths.

3. Work with Lyn for 3 to 6 months to both excavate and leverage your strengths. You can either request a free discovery session by emailing or filling out a client intake form.

4. Relieve yourself of the false notion that you have to turn your weaknesses into strengths. It simply doesn’t work.

Strength and weakness are made of such different matter. It’s a fruitless waste of time and energy to always manage against your weaknesses. Yes, learn what your weaknesses are, create systems and safety nets to keep them from tripping you up, then get back to living life from your genius.

StrongStart with SoulSalt. Learn more about “People Working In The Strength Zone” (here) by watching Lyn’s Facebook Live.