Know Thyself: Using the DISC Profile


Disc profile

More than two million people have taken the DISC profile assessment and our clients are part of that number. If you want to know more about what is holding you back and the strengths you may not be leveraging toward sustainable achievement, this is a great starting point.

Experience the research behind the uncanny, yet accurate assessment to better understand areas of weakness. Meaning, you can answer the question: “Where can I self-manage more appropriately?” And not just that, you will uncover areas of your unique success factor which include: needs, tendencies, strategies for effectiveness, and your preferred environment.

In less than 15 minutes the free disc profile will help you better understand these and other elements of your behavior style and communication patterns. When integrated into action, this knowledge can maximize your personal/professional sense of self.

Once you start the free disc profile, you can’t stop in the middle and come back as the system may time out due to inactivity. When you’re done, you’ll receive via email a customized, 30-page disc profile report. This test does not support Internet Explorer so you may want to switch internet browsers now.
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