What is Your Theme for 2017?

It’s resolution season, which often makes it difficult to be human. As a human being, we feel pulled between the rational brain telling us what we “ought” to be doing and the emotional brain feeding us impulses. The rational side of our nature is where structure and resilience are stored. Eventually, the rational brain wears down and gives in because the impulsive side of our nature doesn’t wear thin. It just has fun having boundary-less whims and desires.

website photos.116Therein lies the reason I am an advocate for picking a Guiding Theme for the year versus setting resolutions based on rational “should, could and ought to do” thinking. Last year, my theme guided wonderful achievements and memorable experiences.

By keeping this doodle in front of me I:

  • Averaged about 56 hours of sleep a week
  • Mountain climbed, trail ran, learned archery, saw movies, traveled to the Hamptons, Brooklyn and NYC, Maui, Ashland Oregon, played table games, ran races on my new Hot Wheels track… etc.
  • Participated in EMDR and RET sessions to support me to absorb more love from my family (something I didn’t realize I hadn’t been fully open to), attended relationship coaching session with my partner, spent more hours with each of my children and some treasured friends, and much more

It just feels great to know we have 52 weeks to follow a path and to look back and see the path provided as many wonderful gifts as it did.

This year my new theme is below.  I have set it in place because this year I need to lead out more than ever. I’m writing the SoulSalt book and that requires that I put myself out there in the arena. Leadership is the tool I will lean into as I take on this project. And, please watch for the “call for submissions” because I can’t write this book by myself. The hours you as clients and fans have spent living the SoulSalt concepts contain extremely valuable insights I’d like to share with others.

Prayer will get an increased focus as well. I know I can’t do all of this year’s heavy lifting here on our books at SoulSalt. My heart is reaching out through movement, meditation, contemplation and good-old-fashioned looking to the sky and calling on the power of angels and such. I need help and I want it to be of the highest order of integrity.

Growing the love I am willing to receive and give.  Learning to refine my capacity for love was an exceptional experience last year. I must build on that. After all, we only leave this place with what is written in our heart and soul.

In conclusion, I want to announce that right from this very first month we are making an adjustment. We opened our Be Focused online course and virtual coaching program this past fall. Our intention was to keep it for clients both present and past as well as for the future clients. Our current students have been recommending this program to their peers so we’re opening it up to the general public. So feel free to review this offering and consider sending it on to those you believe it could help.